Downe Manor Primary School

Downe Manor, where everybody has the opportunity to be inspired to reach their full potential through memorable learning experiences


Our vision for all pupils to creatively explore ideas through experimentation.

At Downe Manor Primary School children explore and develop their skills and creativity using a wide range of media.

We value the use of sketch books and encourage the importance of experimentation, exploration and pushing ideas in imaginative ways.

Our curriculum is enriched by inviting artists in to school to work with children and staff. We also organise trips for the children to explore art in galleries and museums.

Characteristics of artists

  • The ability to use visual language skillfully and convincingly (for example, line, shape, pattern, colour, texture, form) to express emotions, interpret observations, convey insights and accentuate their individuality
  • The ability to communicate fluently in visual and tactile form
  • The ability to draw confidently and adventurously from observation, memory and imagination
  • The ability to explore and invent marks, develop and deconstruct ideas and communicate perceptively and powerfully through purposeful drawing in 2D, 3D or digital media
  • An impressive knowledge and understanding of other artists, craftmakers and designers
  • The ability to think and act like creative practitioners by using their knowledge and understanding to inform, inspire and interpret ideas, observations and feelings
  • Independence, initiative and originality which they can use to develop their creativity
  • The ability to select and use materials, processes and techniques skillfully and inventively to realise intentions and capitalise on the unexpected
  • The ability to reflect on, analyse and critically evaluate their own work and that of others
  • A passion for and a commitment to the subject.

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