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Intent, Implementation, and Impact Statement for Art


The intent of art education in Downe Manor Primary school is to ignite pupils' creativity, inspire their imaginations, and foster a rich understanding and appreciation of different art forms. We aim to provide a well-rounded art curriculum that offers a balance between practical art-making skills, art history, cultural awareness, and critical thinking. Our overarching intent is to nurture pupils' artistic abilities, promote self-expression, and support their personal and social development through engaging and meaningful art experiences.


Curriculum Design

1. Broad and balanced curriculum: Our art curriculum is designed to provide a wide range of art experiences, encompassing various mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, digital art, and textiles.

2. Sequenced learning: Art skills and techniques are carefully sequenced and scaffolded to ensure progression, building upon prior learning and enabling pupils to develop mastery over time.

3. Cultural diversity: Our art curriculum reflects the diverse cultural backgrounds of pupils, introducing them to the works of British, European, and international artists, as well as traditional and contemporary art practices across different cultures.

High-Quality Teaching and Learning

1. Demonstration and modeling: Teachers use explicit teaching methods, demonstrating art techniques and processes, and providing in-class models to guide pupils' learning. 

2. Pupil experimentation and choice: Pupils are encouraged to explore their own artistic ideas, make choices, and take risks. They have opportunities to experiment with different mediums and techniques to develop their artistic skills.

Assessment and Feedback

1. Formative assessment: Teachers provide regular formative feedback to pupils, focusing on their art skills, creativity, and personal development. This is done through peer and self-evaluation, teacher feedback, and targeted questioning.

2. Celebration of achievements: Pupils' artwork is displayed prominently throughout the school, celebrating their achievements and fostering a sense of pride in their artistic endeavors.


1. Pupils' confidence and self-expression: Through our outstanding art provision, pupils develop a sense of confidence in their artistic abilities, express themselves creatively, and develop a strong sense of personal identity.

2. High levels of pupil engagement: Art lessons are highly engaging, capturing pupils' interests, and motivating them to actively participate, leading to improved attendance, punctuality, and overall enjoyment of learning.

3. Cultural awareness and appreciation: Our art curriculum broadens pupils' horizons, exposing them to diverse artistic styles, cultures, and historical periods, fostering an inclusive environment and promoting cultural appreciation and mutual understanding.

4. Progression and skill development: Pupils make good progress in their artistic skills, showing increasing mastery over a range of techniques and mediums throughout their primary school journey.

5. Critical thinking and creativity: Through the exploration of different art forms, pupils develop critical thinking skills, learn to analyse and evaluate artwork, and demonstrate high levels of creativity and originality in their own art-making.

6. Emotional well-being and resilience: Art provides a medium for pupils to express their emotions, develop resilience, and explore their thoughts and feelings, contributing to their emotional well-being and mental health.

In summary, our intent, implementation, and impact statement for art in Downe Manor Primary school demonstrates a commitment to delivering an engaging art curriculum. By providing a broad and balanced curriculum, high-quality teaching and learning, rich resources, and effective assessment strategies, we aim to have a positive impact on pupils' artistic development, creativity, cultural appreciation, and overall personal and social growth.


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