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Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact in Geography


Geography education at Downe Manor primary school aims to foster a deep and lasting understanding of the world and its diverse cultures, peoples, and environments. Through a broad and balanced curriculum, we strive to imbue our students with a sense of curiosity, empathy, and responsibility towards the planet. Our intent is threefold:

1. Knowledge and Understanding: To develop a solid foundation of geographical knowledge and conceptual understanding, encompassing both physical and human geography. We want our students to comprehend the interconnectedness of places, landscapes, and global issues.

2. Skills and Inquiry: To nurture a range of geographical skills, such as data analysis, fieldwork, mapping, and critical thinking, enabling our students to investigate and explore the world independently. We aim to cultivate their ability to ask questions, gather evidence, and evaluate different viewpoints.

3. Attitudes and Values: To promote a positive attitude towards the environment, sustainability, and cultural diversity. We want our students to develop a respect for different cultures, an awareness of the impact of human actions on the planet, and a commitment to making informed decisions that will contribute to a better world.


Curriculum Design and Planning

Our curriculum for geography is designed to be rigorous, cohesive, and responsive to the needs and interests of our students. It is sequenced to ensure a progression of knowledge and skills, building on previous learning and linking to other subjects where appropriate. Our curriculum embraces the statutory requirements outlined in the National Curriculum and expands upon them to provide a rich and diverse experience for our students.

Quality Teaching and Learning

Our teaching approaches in geography capitalise on a range of pedagogical strategies that cater to the learning needs of all students. We employ a combination of whole-class teaching, group work, and individual tasks to ensure active engagement and the opportunity for collaborative learning experiences. Our teachers use a variety of resources, including maps, globes, atlases, photographs, videos, and technological tools, to enhance understanding and foster a love for the subject. We actively promote a growth mindset amongst our students, encouraging them to embrace challenges, persevere, and learn from mistakes. Differentiation is embedded in our teaching, allowing students of all abilities to access the curriculum and make progress. We provide support and challenge appropriately, tailoring activities to meet individual needs and raise aspirations.

Enrichment and Curriculum Enhancement

We believe that learning in geography should extend beyond the confines of the classroom. We aim to provide a range of enrichment activities to enhance the curriculum, such as field trips. These opportunities broaden students' horizons, deepen their understanding of local and global issues, and allow them to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world contexts



Outcomes and Attainment

Our geography curriculum creates a strong foundation of knowledge and skills, enabling our students to achieve good outcomes and make sustained progress. Regular assessments, both formative and summative, are used to track individual progress and identify areas for improvement. We provide constructive feedback to students, empowering them to take ownership of their learning and set targets for further development. Through our rigorous assessment processes, we ensure that each student reaches their full potential in geography.

Engagement and Enjoyment

Our geography provision inspires a genuine enthusiasm for the subject among our students. By making the topic relevant, meaningful, and stimulating, we actively engage their curiosity and nurture a love of learning. Our students are motivated to explore, question, and investigate the world around them, developing a lifelong passion for geography.

Cultural Awareness and Ethical Understanding

Through our geography curriculum, we foster an appreciation for cultural diversity and promote respect for all peoples and environments. Our students develop a rich understanding of different cultures, communities, and perspectives, becoming more socially and globally aware. They also gain a deep understanding of environmental issues, leading to a greater sense of responsibility towards sustainability and the protection of our planet.


Through our comprehensive approach to geography education, we ensure that our students develop a deep understanding of the world, become responsible global citizens, and achieve excellent outcomes.

Geography resources to support learning

The purpose of these resource links are to provide resources to support pupil's knowledge of the different fields of Geography they are studying in school and while completing their home learning.  Some of the information in the learning below is part of our curriculum learning and some of it is not, but we believe the learning below will continue to build pupil's Geographic knowledge beyond what they learn in school. 

Year Resources Click on the links for additional resources
Year 2



Oceans and Seas

London and The United Kingdom

Villages, towns and cities

Water, weather and climate

Cities of the UK

Year 3

Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes

United Kingdom


Year 4 


The Water Cycle

Building Locational Knowledge Europe


Rainforest Habitats

Year 5 


Building locational knowledge, South America

Year 6

Longitude and Latitude



















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