Downe Manor Primary School

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Curriculum Intent Statement

we are dedicated to providing an enriching and comprehensive music education that instils a lifelong passion for music in our students. Our music curriculum is carefully crafted to foster creativity, nurture talent, and develop a deep understanding of music across various cultures and genres. We aim to empower every student to express themselves through music, building their confidence, teamwork, and self-expression. Our intent is to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and cultural awareness necessary to appreciate and engage with music in a meaningful way. We aspire to cultivate well-rounded musicians who can sing, play, compose, and perform with proficiency and enthusiasm. Through our music curriculum, we seek to instil in our students a sense of curiosity, an appreciation for diverse musical traditions, and the ability to connect emotionally with music. Aligned with the Development Matters and the Model Music Curriculum, our curriculum is designed to provide a sequential and coherent music education. It aims to ensure that every student, regardless of background or prior experience, has access to a rich and varied musical education. We believe that music is an essential part of a well-rounded education, contributing to students' intellectual, emotional, and social development.

Curriculum Implementation Statement

To realise our music curriculum's intent, we have partnered with Sing Education, a specialist provider of music education. Our curriculum is thoughtfully structured with half-termly units, each building upon the foundation of prior learning while introducing new concepts and challenges. This scaffolded approach ensures a logical progression of skills and knowledge, enabling students to consolidate, expand, and refine their musical abilities. The Kodaly method, integral to our curriculum, ensures that musical concepts are presented systematically and aligned with students' prior experiences. Our specialist music teachers facilitate lessons that are child-centred, inclusive, and foster a love for singing. These lessons are enriched with high-quality resources, instruments, and dedicated spaces for music within our school. Regular performances and recordings at the end of each half term provide students with opportunities to showcase their musical growth and articulate their learning journey. We also offer extracurricular activities, such as after-school music clubs and singing assemblies, to further immerse students in the joy of music. To enhance our curriculum, students have access to Sing Education's online resources, which complement our in-class learning and offer flexibility in engaging with music. Additionally, many students opt for small group and one-to-one private tuition to receive personalised instruction. Through our comprehensive music curriculum, we aim to nurture confident, skilled, and culturally aware musicians who are well-prepared for a lifelong journey of musical exploration and expression. Our curriculum aligns with the Model Music Curriculum's principles, ensuring that students receive a high-quality, balanced, and inclusive music education.


Long Term Plan