Downe Manor Primary School

Downe Manor, where everybody has the opportunity to be inspired to reach their full potential through memorable learning experiences

History of Our School

Downe Manor Primary- Our School

Our new school building was opened in 2004. It was constructed around our old school building while the       children were still learning there. It was an exciting time for everyone as we anticipated bidding farewell to our old building and transitioning to our bright, new, welcoming establishment.

Our former school uniform consisted of a dark blue sweatshirt with a white shield, this design remains the same today. To mark the inauguration of the new school building, the children expressed a desire for a new uniform. Consequently, their opinions were gathered regarding the preferred colour. Consensus was reached to retain the current shield while

transferring the bird and our whippet emblem to the new                                         

coloured sweatshirt. Several coloured sweatshirts were created,

and a selection of children from various year groups were

invited to select their preferred colour. The vivid blue you see

today emerged as the clear favourite!


Numerous activities were organised for the opening, creating enduring memories for all involved. One notable event entailed all children and staff assembling in the KS2 playground to form the letters DMPS. Suddenly, a helicopter descended, capturing a group photo before hovering over our new field and landing. Subsequently, each class had the opportunity to interact with the pilot and have a collective photo taken with the helicopter.


We were delighted to discover that the new building featured two

playgrounds and, most significantly, a vast field, providing ample outdoor

space for activities.


Our large stage is a feature of our building which was a non-negotiable when our new school was designed. Our old school building boasted a full-sized stage which, over the years, hosted large-scale sold-out school productions. These were always attended by many people from our local community, as well local MPs.

Today, we are one of only a few schools in the borough of Ealing to have a large capacity hall with a full stage, professional lighting, sound system and theatre style curtains. Our children at Downe Manor have always enjoyed singing and performing on our stage. We feel these experiences give our children confidence in their spoken language and stage presence while making memories to treasure.

Our school Whippet!

This magnificent whippet statue with a bird resting on its back, welcomes you to our school and brings our school logo to life.

It’s also a poignant reminder of two very special whippets, Poppy and William who would often be seen running and chasing each other across our field after the school gates closed. 


Our Herons


In our corridor, a flock of herons take flight, symbolising our children's educational journey from inception to the point where they are prepared to soar and achieve their full potential. An artist collaborated with our children, guiding them in designing and crafting this art piece. Every silk piece adorning each heron and every copper element was created and printed by students. Once the pieces were completed, they were assembled to construct our wonderful herons.


The Mosaic of Northolt

Another artist collaborated with children across the school to design and create the mosaic adorning the school entrance. The objective was to honour our local community, prompting children to illustrate significant elements from the area. Following the design phase, some children worked with the artist to craft their individual mosaic pieces. Detailed observations reveal a fox, we did used to have a den with a family of foxes living within the school grounds! An aeroplane landing at Northolt airport, the Polish War Memorial and of course our school shield.

Clay Mosaics


At the entrance to each 'pod,' small mosaics indicate the corresponding year groups housed within them. Children from each class in KS1 and KS2 crafted cheerful faces using clay. Once fired and glazed, these creations were integrated into the larger mosaics present today. Additionally, Foundation stage children shaped clay footprints for their mosaics.

Air, Fire, Water and Earth

Our Conference Room features four collages representing the four elements. As with other artworks in the school, children were encouraged to develop their unique pieces which, with artistic guidance, were combined to form the captivating fabric collages on display.

Felt Hangings

The most substantial and ambitious artwork in our school comprises the large felt hangings outside the hall. This collaborative project involved all members – adults and children, who crafted individual felt pictures from scratch by blending various coloured felts until their envisioned image materialised on the felt. Post-creation, these felt pieces were rubbed into the grand hanging backgrounds seen today.

The Girl with the Pearl Earring


Inspired by Johannes Vermeer's oil painting 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' from the Dutch Golden Age, this striking collage was crafted by children incorporating household objects. With the assistance of an artist, the children fashioned the mosaic, which to this day captivates the children, and visitors, as they enjoy spotting the intriguing objects subtly embedded within it.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the History of our school building and about the passion and work of our former pupils, which went into the artwork we are honored to display today. We welcome you to visit our school, and hope your children join us in their educational journey, and become part of our school’s future History.