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Blended Learning

Message from Mrs Holland - Deputy Head Teacher

We would like to thank pupils, parents and carers and the school staff team for their support, hard work and understanding whilst we all adapt to ‘Learning at Home’ once again. Please see the Remote Learning - Blended Curriculum information below which will help to answer any queries you may have. We also understand the huge pressures that families are under at the moment and as long as we keep communication open between home and school we will support you in whatever way we can.  Our children, their safety, their health and their education is the most important thing to us all and by working together we will get through this, together. 

Blended Learning/Remote Learning

The DfE (Department for Education) asked all schools that where a class, group of pupils, or individual pupils need to self-isolate due to COVID-19, or there are local or national restrictions requiring pupils to remain at home, schools are expected to provide immediate access to remote education (blended learning)
As a school, we decided to use ‘Microsoft Teams’ to access learning whilst at home. It will be used every week for home learning (Assignments) and connect times. Microsoft Teams will be used to support any child during local lockdowns or national restrictions and those who have to remain at home while self-isolating . If your child is self-isolating you will be contacted by the school to inform you that daily home learning will be in your child’s Microsoft Teams Class, ready for them to access. This is our first step on our journey towards ‘Blended Learning’ – teaching children who are at home or in the class.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a free Microsoft App/site that aims to simplify creating, distributing and assessing learning in a paperless way. Teachers can use Microsoft Teams to send announcements to entire classes, share resources, lesson notes, inputs, diagrams, and home learning. Children can use it to access work covered in class in school, at home or on the go and complete home learning.  It is a free resource that can be accessed from any device connected to the internet – laptops, desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones.  PlayStation and XBOX's that connect to the internet are also able to access Microsoft Teams.
If you do not have the technology for this, please contact the school office.
Microsoft Teams has a number of different uses and benefits:
  • Teachers can use it to set classwork/home learning tasks.
  • Teachers can upload and save files which children can access both in and out of school.
  • Frequently used website links can be shared on Teams which allows pupils quick and easy access.
  • Microsoft Teams is a FREE website/app which is part of the free Microsoft suite of educational resources (i.e. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Forms etc.) This can be downloaded free from your regular app store. (It can also be accessed through a web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox).
  • Children can discuss classwork/home learning and connect with the class teacher at allocated connect times.
  • It encourages and develops our childrens’ digital literacy – many organisations, places of work, universities and secondary schools also use Microsoft Teams.
  • Children can upload work for the teacher to see and feedback on.

As the weeks progress, more will be uploaded to Teams.  Please waste no time by logging in with your child’s unique username and password. This has been emailed to parents. It will be under the O365/Teams label and each child’s log-in ends with If you do not have your child’s login details for Teams, please message Miss Murphy via Class Dojo.
We are still in the process of trialling certain aspects and training staff on this new way of teaching. Eventually, our aims are that there will be lesson inputs and resources for the children to continue their learning, whilst at home or  in class. This may be a live or pre-recorded lesson. The lesson inputs will be a recording of the teacher’s voice and screen from the board that is shared with the children in the class. The children at home will be able to see the class teacher.  Staff have been trained appropriately in safeguarding and GDPR to ensure the safety of all children.

We appreciate that this is a new way of teaching and learning for everyone, the teachers have been busy learning and practising different aspects of this in preparation for this new way of teaching.

We anticipate that there may be aspects of this that will require adapting as we all become more proficient in ‘Blended learning’. We thank you in advance for your patience with this as we work together to support your children’s learning.
Remote Learning - Blended Curriculum
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