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Parents Forum

What is the Downe Manor parents' forum?

The original Downe Manor Parents’ Forum began in 2012 allowing the school leadership team to consult with parents and gather invaluable feedback from parents regarding school initiatives, policies and procedures. It’s creation greatly improved parental involvement and allowed us to build the foundations of the positive and effective parent partnerships we are proud of today.
Building on this success, this year in order to regularly seek the views of a wider representative of parents and carers, we have changed the format of the forum meetings. Building on this success and in order to regularly seek the views of a wider representation of parents and carers, this year we have changed the format of the forum meetings.

We aim to hold a parent/carer forum once each half term that is open to all parents and carers of pupils in our school. Each forum meeting will be focussed on 1-3 key topics and issues on which we seek parental consultation or feedback. The agenda for meetings will be published in advance of meetings in newsletters and via the website. By notifying parents and carers of the agenda prior to the meeting, parents and carers can pick and choose which meetings they want to attend if they feel they have views and opinions they want to share in relation to the points being discussed. Meetings will normally take place 2.30pm on Fridays and the dates will be announced in advance.

During the meetings, it is expected that parents and carers will adhere to the Parent/Carer Code of Conduct and ensure they show respect for both staff and other parents’ views and opinions in order for the meetings to run smoothly and effectively. A member of the School leadership team will lead the meeting.

The newly launched Parent/Carer forum has already contributed to the new Parent/Carer Code of Conduct and also provided feedback on the new home-learning arrangements prior to their implementation. We are grateful to those parents that attended the meeting in November.